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Ecommerce is one of the most profitable businesses. It allows retailers to interact with millions of buyers through the internet. However, most of them fail to maximize their profit because they believe that having a professional website is the only way to succeed. If your goal is to expand your business, you need to interact with customers in different ways. There are some excellent multichannel ecommerce software in the USA and Australia that will help you grow your brand awareness. Here they are:


Shopify is well known for its ability to add new channels. It integrates with Amazon-the largest marketplace with millions of buyers. Selling on this site can be a difficult task, especially for the newbies. It involves a variety of aspects, such as managing inventories and information, payments, and orders. Nevertheless, having Shopify as your ecommerce software for multichannel selling, the task will be accurate and efficient. All you need is synchronizing your Shopify store with Amazon. Also, this platform will allow you to interact with social media users. It has a buy button which enables customers to make purchases without leaving their current social media platform. And because selling on Amazon and social media can lead to an increase in sales, Shopify will assure to handle the increased amount of work. It is highly scalable to size itself up and meet your business needs.

The good thing about Shopify is POS applications. The app will allow you to create discounts and configure multiple payment formats. With this, you will enhance customers’ experience because they will use a method of choice during payment. Another great feature of Shopify is Google Shopping. Each day millions of customers visit Google to search for best products. Thus, listing your products on this site will lead to increased profit.


A great way to succeed in online business is looking for various places to find more customers. However, you might encounter errors and challenges that might lead to the diminishing of your business. This should not worry you because Sellbrite is your solution. It is a straightforward platform that will allow you to sell effortlessly across various sales channels. It comes with powerful tools that will simplify listing and prevent overselling. It integrates with popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay to allow retailers to sell their products quickly. Sellbrite is well known for its cloud-based inventory management capability. It will enable you to control your business from any place by the use of a mobile device. Also, this feature will allow you to stay updated on your inventory levels. All the data will be synced across all listings. This platform becomes popular because of its capability of tracking customers’ data. It will help you improve customers’ experience by managing their information and informing them of a new product.

When you encounter challenges when running your business, you will get help from the Sellbrite customers’ support. They are active for 24/7 and will provide positive feedback.


Today, customers are visiting different places to search for the best deals online. Thus, if you want to maximize your sales, you need to create a robust online presence. However, the task is not easy. You might find it challenging to manage the business. BigCommerce is becoming excellent software that will help you sell on various sales channels. It integrates with Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping to allow you to sell everywhere from a single dashboard. All the sales channels integration arebuilt on Big Commerce’s API to sync inventories from third parties. With this, you will prevent errors from occurring.

Selling online and offline is a profitable business because you will target a massive amount of customers. BigCommerce is here to help you with this. Its point-of-sale will sync the brick-and-motor sales, inventory, and revenue to the back-end.If you need an answer on how to successfully run your business, BigCommerce sales and support teams are always available via chats, email, and free phone call.


If you want to have a perfect workflow, Multiorders is excellent software for your business. It is leading software in Australia and the USA because of its features. It integrates with a variety of sales channels such as large marketplaces, Google Shopping, and Social media. With this platform, you will not have worries aboutmanaging the business. It will control pricing and stock levels from a central point.

If you have budgetary constraints, Multiorders will work well for you. It comes with affordable pricing. Also, it is easy to setup, making it perfect for those without knowledge of running an online business. The good thing about Multiorders is that it will connect all your shipping carriers, generate labels and providepackage tracking information.


SixBit will help you perform all the tasks your business needs. It comes with a variety of features to allow you to succeed in ecommerce. Its price is lower as compared to other software. Also, it will offer you a 30-day free trial to enable you to feel whether it is perfect for your business. It comes with order and inventory management feature to help you keep track of purchases and avoid overselling and underselling. Reporting is another great feature you will find in SixBit. It will help you keep track of what you are selling and the amount of profit you are making.


Having an idea of using software to sell across various sales channels is essential as you will expand your business. In the USA and Australia, you will find millions of platforms, but not all will help you achieve your goals. They differ in terms of features and price. Thus, to know the platform that suite your business, you need to define your business needs and objectives. With this, you will target a massive number of customers, enhance their experience and have a perfect workflow. Because having a physical store, website, selling on marketplaces, social media, and Google Shopping is a tiresome task, SixBit, BigCommerce, Multiorders, Shopify, and Sellbrite will ease the process. They will facilitate communication across all sales channels, provide consistent product information, and collect customers’ data from a central point.


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